About Us

The Yurt at Nicholsons provides simple and surprising delights under canvas in our tree nursery in North Aston. We bring fresh and local ingredients to your plate with honest cuisine; a real celebration of food. We offer a tasteful selection of organic, fresh, and local food in the form of breakfasts, sharing platters and light lunches designed to leave you feeling energised for the rest of the day.

The Yurt is the genesis of many years of wanting to offer our lovely customers hospitality whilst shopping for plants… You need coffee and cake when you are making important decisions about tree choices, and a delicious lunch aids the celebration of your new garden design. In the 17th Century Thomas Fuller said “he who loves trees loves others more than himself” I have always loved this quote and frankly, we feel the same about preparing food.

At Nicholsons, we have powerful ambitions around food. We love hedgerows, a brace of pheasant on the doorstep, soil on lettuce, dawn’s harvest of pungent roquette and mellow Autumn quince – we want to feel food and respect food.

We enjoy exploring new flavours… Our chefs look around to discover the freshest produce that is looking great and work to create plates of fabulous food… We follow no rules or agenda, but we have curiosity, fun and want you to enjoy astonishingly good food.


The Yurt at Nicholsons; Simple and surprising.