Christmas at The Yurt

This Festive Season brings new flavours and culinary delights and, nestled in a horticultural haven, we can’t help but get involved.

Every year, Nicholsons comes to life at Christmas; tall trees as far as the eye can see, colourful wreaths hanging in abundance and fairy lights galore. This year though, we’ve jumped on the bandwagon with our own kitchen garden.

Among the holly berries and crab apples grow organic apples and pears for our recipes.  Fig trees are in the Plant Centre, but Jerusalem artichokes in our veggie garden.

Twisted Hazel and rich, red-stemmed Dogwood adorn the walk to the Yurt, the warm fragrance of cooking inviting you in.

The nursery has seasonal winter charm down to a tee: The Plant Centre is a hive of activity; The Yurt is adorned with our finest fairy lights, our woollen fleece lining and snug Rosara blankets.

We’ll be serving the finest seasonal produce and festive fayre until Christmas, so why not pop into our winter wonderland.