Clay Pigeon Shooting & Cameron Diaz – Get to know our Rosara manager Jessica Latham Warde

So following on from our Q&A with Rob, we thought it time to jump across to speak with some of our team members over in the Plant Centre. We decided to have a sit down and chat with Jess Latham-Warde our Rosara manager.

So Jess, I understand you have been with Nicholsons for a while; could you let us know a little bit about what you were doing before you took charge of Rosara? 

Rosara at BBC Countryfile Live 2016
Rosara at BBC Countryfile Live 2016

So, I started off in the office working for Garden Maintenance, and then within a month became Supply and Plant Manager – working with a fab team of guys, arranging planting jobs, hiring diggers and – more often – concrete breakers. But when Rosara was created, I jumped at the chance to work with a new brand. Two years into working at Nicholsons, I cannot believe how the place is growing; I am still promoting the idea of a Rosara shop in Knightsbridge – maybe in the longer term plans…

Now Rosara has been going for about a year, and has seen some pretty great success, what would be your personal highlight?

Personally my highlight was Countryfile Live 2016 – we had the most amazing time. It was our first show, we had no idea what to expect and it exceeded every expectation.

Now I know Rosara offers a lot of great furniture, so if you had to be a piece of furniture, which piece would you be?

This is a tough question, but I think that it’s got to be the Montpellier Armchair, in white. It works well on its own as well as with a set. It’s a bit different, loves being by the poolside and doesn’t require much maintenance – actually maybe it’s not me!

Ok so moving away from your work life, I hear you have a very rural Oxfordshire type hobby, could you let us know what that is?

I love to go clay pigeon shooting.

So how did you get into shooting?

So my boyfriend is obsessed with clay pigeon shooting, and in order for me to ever get to see him – I got into it too. I am generally quite competitive so once I’d started; I had to be able to do it. My aim now is to get my face on the front of a magazine – then you know you’ve made it.

So If the Rosara story was adapted into a book/film what genre would it fall under and who do you see playing you?

Definitely a comedy! Ooo these are hard questions! Well it’s going to have to be someone blonde, a little clumsy, with an optimistic outlook on life – I feel like Cameron Diaz would make the cut.

So In 5 years’ time where do you see yourself and/or Rosara?

In 5 years, hopefully I’ll have a cottage in the Cotswolds, a classic car and a French bulldog. Rosara – well the way it’s going, we’ll have taken over the world! I would love in 5 years’ time for Rosara to have a few select shops in the UK – with a unique range of high quality products that make people excited when they come in – and we’re always offering something new. That’s what I’m passionate about.