An Environmentally Friendly Yurt

In an age of plastic waste and landfill rubbish, it is important to be productive in the changing of habits. From little adjustments like turning the tap off or wearing a woolly jumper instead of turning the heating up, to big lifestyle changes like cutting out plastic or composting your own waste. We love all these ideas and work hard to be as ecologically sustainable as possible.

We already have our own reservoir for the Nursery and an on-site heating system but to highlight the importance of ‘going-green’ to other businesses and individuals, we’ve gone a step or two further. Our first new change was the installation of a wood-burner in the Yurt replacing our old electric heater. Our new burner requires no electricity and just a handful of logs per day. Luckily, on a Landscaping and Forestry orientated nursery, those aren’t in short supply…

We also use low wattage LED lighting around the Yurt, recycle as much as we possibly can, and have designated food waste bins (meaning that as well as producing compost, we can track and monitor our waste output, reducing it as much as we can.)

This new year brings recyclable and biodegradable takeaway cake boxes (no more plastic!), biodegradable and compostable paper straws, even more locally sourced produce (look out for our ‘Suppliers’ blog post) and finally, compostable takeaway cups. In an effort to get there first, we’ve stopped stocking traditional takeaway cups and now have some rather fancy and eco-friendly cups, courtesy of Vegware. They’re completely plastic free, from a sustainable source, and compostable (even the lid!) So great news… That extra strong Caramel Hot Chocolate is now guilt free.