Where does our food come from? Get to know our suppliers

If you didn’t know already, we are incredibly proud of our Yurt food and drink, but we can’t take all the credit. Like all amazing things, it is the elements that combine to make the finished product that are so important. For us, this is our amazing suppliers.

The Yurt puts an emphasis on using local suppliers wherever possible. This is based on the belief that with fresher, more natural ingredients, we can deliver the simple, surprising and delicious food that makes us proud. This blog post takes a look at some of our suppliers, and what makes them so special.

We start with our salad supplier, North Aston Organics, based in (you guessed it) North Aston. The Organics are just

North Aston Organics by Ian Wallman

100 meters down the road from Nicholsons, which means freshly picked organic leaves dropped off to us every morning. The story behind North Aston Organics goes back to 1997 and has strong ties with Nicholsons throughout all these years (now more than ever).

One connection is through Joe Stay, son of The Organics owners Mark and Ginny Stay. Joe is a key member of the Nicholsons Forestry Team, and has been for the past couple of years. As well as this, there is our Kitchen Manager Penny Troughton, who worked for North Aston Organics for 4 years, prior to getting more involved in catering.
Staffing links aside, what really makes North Aston Organics so special is the way in which they grow their vegetables. They use 12 acres of Farmland and 3 different sites, with 3 different types of soil to allow them to grow a wide range of Salads and Vegetables. This fresh, healthy and locally focused approach not only benefits the local area but allows us easy access to some of the best tasting veg around.

Slightly further afield is our Fish supplier, Uig Lodge. Being based in the middle of England, we do not have the luxury of a quick visit to the coastline for a quick dip, or in this case, a spot of fishing. However, just because we are in the middle of England doesn’t mean we aim for middle of the road ingredients. Our trusted, if not so local supplier, for our great tasting fish is Uig Lodge, based up on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland. The reason we rack up the miles to use this supplier is due to its award winning, fresh and authentic smoked fish. The smaller, back to basics nature of Uig Lodge is one we resonate massively with, despite our miles apart. Not only do we love their fish but so do the critics. Uig lodge have pulled in a lot of awards, with its most impressive accolade coming from Great Taste (a major national award), as ‘Specialty Producer of the Year’. They also received their first ever golden fork in 2014, so why not come in to try our specialty fish board filled with Uig Lodge Salmon?

We hope to see you soon.