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Yurt Promo video

We have had a lot of fun filming our promo video, and are delighted to share it with you via our YouTube channel. Watch the video below to see what we have been up to…

Wine & Dine at the Yurt

Wine. Wine. Wine. We love wine. We love cooking with it, we love drinking it, we love talking about it. Therefore, it seems only fitting that we put lots of care and attention into designing the perfect wine-list for the Yurt at Nicholsons.

Our Yurt and its History

We believe that our Yurt is pretty special, and like to think that our guests feel the same. We often get questions about our Yurt, and the history of Yurts in general, so we thought it was about time we finally get the facts sorted and show you why it is truly a café with character.

An Introduction to Rosara

Here at Rosara, the family-run outdoor lifestyle company based at Nicholsons, we believe that when we make our outdoor space more beautiful, we will want to spend more time in our garden.

The Rafiki Thabo Foundation

Here at the Yurt we are always trying different designs and layouts. We really try to make the most of our unique space. One of our recent additions is the reading corner, where you can sip on a delicious hot drink while enjoying a good read. However, like most things within Nicholson’s, this library isn’t just here to offer some light reading, but to support a charity held close to our hearts.

Oliver Ong – Marketing & Websites

Oliver Ong is in charge of our Marketing and Websites. As the only person in this department, Oli is the brain and beating heart behind all of our online and offline marketing for Nicholsons, Rosara and The Yurt. Currently studying business part

Liz Nicholson – Director

Liz is passionate about our customers and is very happy to see people wandering through the plants and sitting on the new range of furniture in their relaxed journey to the Yurt for coffee.