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Almost Alfresco Lunching – A Blog from Common Toff

We were recently lucky enough to receive a visit from local blogger and friend of The Yurt, Common Toff. Here is what she had to say about her visit… It has been my mission (and one I have been more than willing to take) to munch my way around Birmingham, finding yummy food spots for dinner, lunch, cocktails or for the best meal of the day: brunch. I seem to have collated a ‘Brunch in Birmingham’ collection, with my most recent post reviewing the gorgeous Gas Street Social.

Our Food

We have a delicious breakfast and lunch menu. Can we tempt you with a home-made potato Rosti served with pan fried mushrooms and freshly prepared avocado with the finest poached egg perched on top? Or would you rather save yourself for one of our lunchtime plates of rare roast beef, baked red onions and potato salad with horseradish dressing? Our chef celebrates local fresh food…everything is prepared in the kitchen using herbs

5 things to know about the Yurt at Nicholsons

The Yurt at Nicholsons is a brand new and uniquely designed café hidden away in the quiet sleepy village of North Aston. Here are 5 things you should know to plan a trip to visit us: Location: The Yurt is only a short drive from both Banbury and Oxford. With such a central location, it is a perfect meeting place for any business or social gathering.

The Yurt

Our first blog post comes from friend of Nicholsons, and blogger, Ailsa Renk. Whilst studying at university in Birmingham, Ailsa has authored her own lifestyle blog, Common Toff, and she recently took time out of her busy schedule to pay a visit to our new Yurt Café. Here is what she had to say: