Press Reviews

Since opening our doors in February, The Yurt has had thousands of customers come to visit us, and we have received some rather lovely reviews. We are very proud of what we have achieved so far and believe the constant changes we are making, to accommodate our customers, have only made things better.

A little while ago we told you 5 things to know about the Yurt at Nicholsons and why you should come visit us. We touched on our unique setting, great range of food and drinks, and the beauty of our Rosara showroom and plant nursery, in which The Yurt sits. Just in case you need any more reasons to come and find us, bring on the critics…

  1. Oxford Mail – “…the beauty of The Yurt is that, as the menus change every month and everything is seasonal, fresh and local, they aim to keep their regulars, locals and fans on their culinary toes. If that’s the case I can’t wait for spring.” Check out the full review here:  Oxford Mail Review
  2. The Oxford Times – “This year, we’ve made sustainability a primary focus, beginning with biodegradable napkins and fewer plastic bags, right up to minimising all food miles. We grow fresh vegetables and herbs on-site in our Kitchen Garden, and even save our food waste for a local family’s pig farm”Read the full article here:      Oxford Times Article

    Common Toff enjoying a drink in our reading corner
  3. Common Toff – “…deliciously sophisticated food.” and highlighting the interior design as “brimming with green life. Such a big space may seem difficult to fill, but it has become an exciting English jungle, decorated by twinkling lights and reaching for the circle of sky that lights up the whole space. A photo will never do the beautifully wacky interior justice.”


Check out the full review here:      Common Toff Review

3. Your Letterbox“…a food destination made of dreams!…housing a fantastic restaurant, the yurt itself is one of a kind – designed specifically for Nicholsons. Hand built in Devon, the only one you will currently find in Oxfordshire. It’s unique design and open-plan setting make this a top dining destination.” 

View the full review here:      Your Letterbox Review

4. Muddy Stilettos – “…I snuck in at its launch for a gander and it’s definitely worth you knowing about…”. “The Nicholson’s yurt, like everything else this upmarket nursery produces, is beautifully presented…”.

Read the full article on Muddy Stiletto’s site here:      Muddy Stilettos Review

All of these reviews say some lovely things and we are so glad they enjoyed their visits to the Yurt.  Why not come and visit us to see for yourself?

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