The Yurt is Alive with the Sound of Music

The Yurt at Nicholson’s is truly a unique and special place to come visit. We have previously told you 5 things worth knowing about the Yurt, along with the process of how our very special hot chocolates are made. However today I will be focusing on one of the little details, that make a good cafe atmosphere into a great one, and the main way this is achieved is by our Yurt music.

Here at the Yurt we take our job very seriously and our music choice is no different. Since opening our doors, the team has collectively stepped in to generate 2 playlists to complete your Yurt experience. Each of these are unique to the other, trying to avoid a duplication of songs and each playlist targeting the different seasons we go through.

The first proper playlist from the yurt comes in our spring edition “The Yurt at Nicholsons – Spring Playlist.” This playlist was created at the beginning of March. “Springs in the air, and in-between the showers we hope you’ll find tranquility and inspiration in these carefully chosen tracks. Perfect with our new menu selection.” The best part about this playlist is the real variety of the artists and songs we have captured in one playlist. Standing at 203 songs or 13 hours and 43 minutes of songs was the perfect way to get you in the mood for that Spring clean. Despite summer being upon us, it’s always great to look back and re-capture that feeling of those light spring showers and cold, sunny spring weekends. Check out the playlist below:

We then have our most recent playlist, made for Summer. Our Summer playlist has one job, to transfer those spring feelings and convert them into entirely Summer Vibes. This constantly changing and updating playlist features the like of legends of Curtis Mayfield, Bob Marley, Electric Light Orchestra right up to more modern acts like Kiko Bunn, Tom Misch and Thundercat. Whether you are a fan of the classics or looking for some more modern favourites, all of these songs past and present summer anthems and just requires some summer sun to be completed.